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You know your car looks incredible. Now it’s time to show the world. When it comes to capturing your car’s personality, there’s a lot to be considered to get that perfect shot. But with our car photography specialist on the scene you’re guaranteed incredible pictures of your car. At Pinnacle Customs we’ve taken our passion for cars and channeled it into creative energy. And with our car photography service you can too. Get incredible photos of your car from some of the leading car photographers in the business, and capture your car at its best. Talk to our team today for more information.

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Capture the Best Shot

There’s no doubt that getting your car photographed is an art form in itself. It requires a lot of skill and technical expertise. At Pinnacle Customs, we not only consider the background for car photography, but a range of other factors. Including lighting, time of the day, reflections, perspectives, location, and technical factors. Furthermore, factors like the camera and type of lens. Moreover, it’s a great idea to capture the details of your car. Especially the inside and your new vinyl wrapping. We pride ourselves in our ability to cover each and every aspect of automotive photography. Be it the creative side or the technical side. After the shoot, you’ll get an incredible portfolio of your vehicle that you can brag about for years to come.

Ever Wondered How to Take Stunning Pictures of Your Car?

Look Out for Light

Lighting conditions are a key element of the perfect car photography and the best advice here is to look out for the light. This means you need to opt for the best lighting conditions. This depends on what kind of photo you want but should be soft, bright light such as a sunny day with full cloud cover, or during the Golden Hour. This is the time an hour after sunrise or the hour before sunset.

Location Matters

Choosing the perfect location will always set up your photograph for success. Make sure there are no distractions in the background, and it goes well with the car and your theme. You could always experiment with the shot by defocusing your background to give an artistic touch to the image.

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Capture Driving Shots

What’s more fun that capturing the car shot while moving in another car. Yes, driving shots give you the best picture of your car in motion, which is what a car is meant to do. Try to focus on the car and blur the background to get those stunning driving shots. Talk to our team about this service!

Show the Details

There’s a whole new world for capturing the cool pictures of your car from inside like from the outside. Flaunt your car’s personality by capturing amazing shots of its interiors. Highlight the quirks of your car to make them memorable.

Watch Out for Reflections

To get the best shot for your car, be mindful of what’s around. Especially if there are any reflections on the car including yours. Additionally, try to avoid these reflections to get that ravishing picture of your car in an open space.

There are a lot other factors that can aid or hinder car photography. It’s better to opt for a professional automotive photographer to capture high-quality pictures of your car. At Pinnacle Customs, we consider the entire scenario to get that pixel perfect shot of your car.

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