Get Personalized Car Stickers That Attract Attention

Custom car stickers are a great way to advertise your brand, or add some personal style to your car. At Pinnacle Customs we create high-quality sticker based logos, promotional stickers, and other labels for your vehicles. Our personalised car stickers are easy to stick on the inside or out of your vehicle, letting you take your message with you everywhere out on the road. Talk to our team and get incredible custom stickers and decals based on your unique needs and ideas. You can stick them anywhere on your car and create a unique look. Display your message to others while you’re on the road every day!

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custom car stickers
personalised car stickers

High-Quality Adhesive and Long-Lasting Effect

When getting custom stickers for your car, you need high-quality adhesive to make them last longer. Some sticker manufacturers won’t pay attention to sticker quality, resulting in stickers that break apart quickly. At Pinnacle Customs, we ensure that you get high-quality stickers that last longer, by using special adhesives and vinyl. With our stickers you get more value for your money, and a set of incredible stickers to use wherever.

Range of Custom Car Stickers

Whether you’re looking for paper labels, clear vinyl labels, catchy bumper stickers, or shiny and glossy stickers for your car, you will find every type of custom car stickers at Pinnacle Customs. We can provide personalised car stickers in a variety of colours and shapes. These stickers can be easily applied to any part of your car and stay longer due to high-quality adhesives used for sticking purposes.

custom car stickers melbourne
personalised car stickers melbourne

Unmatched Service and Unprecedented Designs

With high-end printing technology and highly experienced staff, we provide the leading service for custom stickers and decals in Melbourne. Our designs are perfectly tailored to your needs. We aspire to create remarkable designs and logos for custom car stickers that go with every style.

We also offer a range of other car customisation services like car audio installation, paint protection and sign writing.

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Get eye-catching personalised car stickers customised to your brand, and take your message to the road with our exceptional services for designing and printing. Call us now on 0423 308 800 or send an email to


CONTACT US NOW CALL US – 0423 308 800