If you’re looking to customise your car and express yourself, there’s no better way than vinyl wrapping. Create a unique look for your car with partial or complete wrapping options in any colour you can imagine. Vehicle vinyl wrap is easy to apply, more affordable than paint, and can protect your car from scratches and chips as well. It’s the obvious choice for any vehicle lover. Talk to the team at Pinnacle customs today to get custom vinyl wrapping for your car.

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Custom Vinyl Wrapping For Any Vehicles

Stand out from the crowd with an incredible new vinyl wrap. At Pinnacle Customs we use the highest quality materials to create a vinyl wrap that will last. With a range of options for colours and finishes, you can customise your vehicle just the way you want it.

Vinyl wrapping works by covering your vehicle with vinyl sheets in the colour of your choosing. The sheets are secured to the outside of your car using a heat gun, making them easy to put on, and take off the same way. Choose a full wrap and cover the entirety of your vehicle with a new colour, or choose a partial wrap and get stripes, shapes and more on your car. Whatever you’re thinking, the technicians at Pinnacle can get your car looking incredible.

vehicle vinyl wrap
vehicle vinyl wrap melbourne

Easy to Care for and Maintain Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl wrapping is incredibly easy to care for, being more resistant to dirt and damage than most stock car paints. Washing your car becomes easy, as light dirt washes off clean. No wax or chemicals, all you need is water and soap to keep your wrapping looking great. Vehicle Vinyl Wrap will also protect your car’s paint job underneath from chips, scratches and abrasions, leaving your car paint just like new underneath when you take off the vinyl.

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Pinnacle Customs Expert Vehicle Customisation

Put your car in the hands of our experts and watch as it’s brought to new life with an incredible vinyl wrapping. We also offer services for stickers, large scale printing, one-way stickers and banners for windows and vehicles and more. Visit Pinnacle today and personalise your vehicle’s look exactly the way you want it. Call now on 0423 308 800 or send an email to pinnaclecustoms101@gmail.com for more info.