When it comes to advertising your business, one small thing can make all the difference. Here at Pinnacle Customs, we understand the impact of a simple sign. Our car window sign writing tells passers-by about your business simply, but incredibly effectively. We can help you raise the profile of your business by showcasing it to everyone on the road. Choose Pinnacle Customs for your business today.

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Professional Car Window Sign Writing

If you’re looking for top-quality car window sign writing, you’ll find it at Pinnacle Customs. Our car customisation services are quick and effective, as well as being affordable and applicable to all vehicle types. They’re a cheaper alternative to full or partial vinyl wraps for when simple is best. We use both decals and stickers for ease of use, choice and affordability. Choose from a range of material options, including clear, white, and perforated (see-through) decals.

car window sign writing
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Clear Decals

Clear decals are semi-transparent decals that have a frosted look. These look great on any kind of glass.

White Decals

White decals are a good choice when you need to make text highly visible. The white background will stand out on any surface: dark, coloured, or clear.

Perforated Decals

A popular choice for public transport, perforated decals have plenty of small holes which allow the effect of full colour without blocking or compromising the view from within the vehicle.

Get Professional Car Sign Writing

Our friendly, professional team here at Pinnacle Customs are dedicated to their craft. Whatever you’re looking for in car customisation, our team will be able to help you work out exactly what it is you need. Conveniently located near Nunawading Station, we offer car window sign writing alongside other specialised services like automative vinyl wrapping. As massive car enthusiasts and lovers ourselves, we work hard to ensure you get the best results. We work with you from the start to see your vision through, making sure you get exactly what you’re after. Talk to our team today for a free quote on 0423 308 800 today.

CONTACT US NOW CALL US – 0423 308 800