Looking for that distinct look for your car? Why not look into vinyl wrap? Pinnacle Customs offers vinyl wrap Melbourne services that create a unique look for your vehicle. Whether it’s for personal or commercial reasons, Hello Kitty or racing stripes, our range of colours and patterns will create a design that enhances the look of your car and will help it stand out on the road.

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Why Choose Our Vinyl Wrap Melbourne?

Apart from boosting aesthetic appeal, our vinyl wraps are easy care and much lower maintenance than a paint job. It’s a great way to show off your sense of personal style on the road as well as an effective form of advertising. Not only are our options affordable, but our vinyl wraps can be easily removed as well, so you won’t need to worry about damage done to your car if you wish to resell it. Our customer feedback for our vinyl wrap Melbourne services have been fantastic. We’ve done a huge range of custom wraps, from stunning hot pink stripes to amazing metallic chrome designs, so you can look forward to standout results for your vinyl wrap job as well.

vinyl wrap melbourne

Talk To Our Trusted Staff, Expert in Vinyl Wraps

At Pinnacle Customs, we’re super passionate about customising cars. Our business is all about creating the best outcomes for our customers so you can rely on us to take your vision and turn it into a standout design for you or your business, so whether you want to gain more traction for your business or simply have an amazing looking vehicle, you can trust us with your needs. At Pinnacle, we take pride in our ability to take a client’s idea and turn it into something truly amazing. Talk to our team on 0423 308 800 today for more information or a free quote.


CONTACT US NOW CALL US – 0423 308 800