Stand out from the crowd and express your pride for car with custom vinyl vehicle wraps. Pinnacle Customs specialises in producing incredible designs and results with Melbourne car wrap. Choose from a comprehensive range of more than 300 colours, textures and graphics, or talk to our team and get your car wrapped with a custom colour or design. Using high-quality vinyl wrap we can transform your car into the envy of everyone around. So choose a colour, pick a design and get started today with Pinnacle Customs vinyl car wrap Melbourne. Call now for more info and a free quote.

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Why Choose Vinyl Car Wrap Melbourne?

When it comes to vinyl wrap, quality is everything. From the wrap we use to our specialised tools, everything we do at Pinnacle is fine-tuned to produce the best possible results. High-quality vinyl wrap from companies like 3M, Avery Dennison and Hexis feature a range of features and benefits, including:

  • Choice between high gloss finish, metallic or matte “no-shine” finish
  • Excellent durability and a 5-7 year lifespan (longer with good care)
  • Professional grade 3D conformability for tight, creaseless application
  • Quality outdoor performance, provides protection against dirt, dust, light scratches
  • Combines colour and protection in one wrap

All our wraps are removable with zero damage, and are guaranteed to protect both your car and your original paint-job underneath. Many vinyl wraps are also cheaper than a full paint job, and provide more options for personalisation.

Our Melbourne Car Wrap Process

1. Plan and Design

Right from the start it’s all about getting the best results. If you’ve got a design in mind our team will plan it out and get it ready for application. Otherwise, talk with our design team and find a design that really grabs your interest. Turn your ideas into reality with our design expertise.

2. Wash and Dry

We go through a complete washing process, ensuring there is no dirt, grime or other impurities that could affect the look of your wrap. We then air dry with heat guns in our studio. This guarantees the vinyl adhere’s correctly and for a smooth and paint-like finish.

3. Preparation

We prepare the exterior of your car for application, removing components that interfere with applying vinyl wrapping and masking areas for clean lines. Our technicians are all trained trained vehicle specialists, with the skills to remove and attach components with no-issues.

4. Vinyl Wrap Application

Once everything has been prepared our technicians get to work applying the wrap according to your needs. Everything happens in our studio, which is built specifically to let us control every aspect of the vinyl wrap application. It’s all about getting the highest quality results.

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Textured and Colour Change Car Wrap Melbourne

Get a unique new look for your car with our colour changing car wraps. Professionally crafted colour change car wrap changes colours depending on the light, and comes in matt or glossy finishes. Other options include metallic-look wraps or matte finish, with each giving your car a unique and distinctive look.

With more than 300 colours to choose from and nearly infinite design choices, you’re guaranteed to find something that grabs your interest. If you’re not sure what you want, our design team is here to provide you with ideas, pictures, custom designs and more to inspire you.

If personalised graphics and custom car stickers are more your style, we can design and print custom vinyls and decals with designs of your choice. This option is great for those who want a truly unique aesthetic, or are looking to display their brand or business on their vehicle. For more information, talk to our team today about our car wrap Melbourne options.

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Car Vinyl Brands We Use

Avery Dennison are industry leaders in vinyl graphic design and automotive wrap graphics. Avery Dennison is known for their dual-layered Supercast film, a wrap that combines colour, a clear protective layer and their patented Easy Apply RS™ adhesive technology. Their vinyl wrap can deliver outstanding results and a neat, paint-like finish for any vehicle.

3M is an American corporation with experience across many fields. Their vinyl car wraps are regarded as some of the best and are known for their quality and rane of colours, textures and finishes. With more than 100 colours available and impressive durability, 3M vinyl wrap offers designs, customisation and results that are truly second to none.

HEXIS are a France based corporation specialising in cast PVC, PU and vinyl and latex films. They are constantly innovating and a driving force in the vinyl wrapping industry. Their range of wraps are designed to be durable providing long-lasting visual effects finishes such as gloss, matte, super matte, or structured surface. Use to cover your vehicle or other objects in stunning colour.

Orafol is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of self-adhesive vinyl. They have some of the highest-quality vinyl wrap on the market, and hold a top position in the industry for graphics, reflective products and industrial, adhesive tapes. For more than 200 years they have been perfecting their products, making their name synonymous with professional results.

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Promotional Business and Fleet Car Wrap Services

With our commercial and fleet car wrap Melbourne services, you can get your message out there and promote your business while you drive. Our team can  design car wraps customised with your business messages, logos and signs. Advertise your business with car wraps and get your business noticed by thousands while you’re on the road.

Custom Graphic Car Wrap services

Pinnacle Customs stand out when it comes to crafting unique car wraps with custom graphics. With state of the art printing technology, we can wrap your car in any image or design. Be it a new texture, an image from your favourite TV show or any other graphic, we can do it all. What’s more, we design premium car wraps with high-quality adhesives that last a lifetime. Whether you want to get some stripes or decals for your car or a partial car wrap for the bonnet, roof or a full-body car wrap, with our Melbourne car wrap services we make your ideas a reality.

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Here at Pinnacle Customs, our team are experts in all sorts of car visual enhancement and customisation. We offer services for best custom car wrap Melbourne services, as well as window tinting, signage, large-format printing and more. We can cater to all your personal and commercial needs. If you’re looking for custom car wrap Melbourne services, feel free to contact us at 0423 308 800 or just send an email to

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