Take your car’s look to the next level with a set of high-quality window tints. Choose from a broad range of tint colours and shades, as well as tint darkness. Make your car truly unique and stand out from the crowd. At Pinnacle Customs, our team of experts can install vehicle window tinting on your car with stunning results. Call us today and find out how you can get the perfect tint for your vehicle.

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Incredible Custom Window Tinting

Window tinting doesn’t just look incredible. Proper tinting can help protect your car, protect your eyes, and even raise the value of your car. With added UV protection, modern window tinting can block out 99% of UV rays, protecting your eyes from the sun. Tinting also reduces glare from car headlights, reducing the strain put on your eyes for a safer, more comfortable drive.

With tinting options up to 35% dark, you can choose window tinting that will either offer light protection or darken the interior of your car significantly. Choose Pinnacle Tinting and get the highest quality tinting available for your vehicle.

vehicle window tinting
vehicle window tinting melbourne

Window Tinting up to 35%

In Victoria, 35% is the darkest vehicle window tinting available legally. At this percentage, 65% of light is blocked out, making your car almost impossible to see into. Any darker and your car also becomes impossible to see out of, restricting visibility and making driving dangerous. At our workshop, you can browse our full range of tinting options and find the one that’s right for you.

Custom Tail Light and Headlight Tinting

For that extra bit of street cred, tinted headlights and tail lights are exactly what you need. Choose from a range of finishes, including matte, glossy or clear tinting, and customise your car’s aesthetic completely. Starting at just $120 a pair, come in and talk to our team today.


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Custom Vehicle Window Tinting

At Pinnacle Customs, we specialise in car visual customisation, with vinyl wrapping, tinting, car stickers and more. Our designs are incredible, stylish and built to last, protecting your vehicle and giving you a car you can be proud of. Call us today on 0423 308 800 or shoot us an email or Facebook message and get started customising your car today.