Give your car a fresh new look with high-quality car window tinting Melbourne. Choose from a range of tint shades and levels to make your car unique. Our team of highly experienced car window tint Melbourne experts deliver fantastic results every time, leaving you with the perfect tint. Car window tinting doesn’t just look stunning. It can aso protect you from harmful UV radiation, keep your car cooler and protect your eyes. It can also block up to 83% of heat, helping your air conditioners work better and keep you cooler on hot summer days.

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Benefits of Car Window Tint Melbourne

While most people believe that car window tint only works as a style statement, window tinting does far more than just look great. There are a wide range of reasons for you to get your windows tinted, including:

  • Protection from UV rays: UV rays are a major cause of skin cancer, and having protection against harmful radiation coming from the sun is a must when you drive. Modern tinting effectively blocks out 99% of UV rays and up to 83% of heat, helping your car stay cooler for longer and protect your skin from the heat. No more driver side sunburn!
  • Reduced Glare: Tinting can reduce sun and headlight glare, which in turn reduces eye strain for a safer and more comfortable drive. Tinting acts just like sunglasses for your car. With car window tinting, you can protect your eyesight and enjoy driving on a sunny day.
  • Increased Privacy: With the darkest tint legally available, at 35%, the inside of your car becomes almost impossible to see into. You can create a personal, private space in your car, and cruise without having to worry about prying eyes. If you travel by car a lot, tinting can make your ride much more comfortable.
  • Raise Your Car’s Resale Value: Window tinting can increase the resale value of your car, and can even help you sell your car faster.
  • Reduce the Need for Air Conditioning: By reducing the heat coming in, you can use air conditioing less. If you’re tinting your home, you can save hundreds every year by simply using your air conditioning less.
  • Look Incredible: Select from a wide range of tint colours and shades and find the one which best suits your car.
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Why Only 35% Tinted For Your Car Windows?

In accordance with Victorian Laws and Regulations, car windows are not allowed to have very dark or highly reflective films placed on them. This is to maintain visibility and safety for the driver. In Victoria, the maximum allowable darkness is 35%, meaning car window tinting can only block out a maximum of 65% of light entering your car, letting 35% of light in. Any car window tint that goes above the 35% threshold will render your car unroadworthy, and therefore illegal.

Headlight and Tail Light Tinting

Get your cars headlights and tail lights tinted for that sleek, street aesthetic. Choose from matte, gloss or clear tinting and fine-tune your vehicle’s look to suit your tastes. Come in and talk to our team today for professional quality light tinting, starting at just $120 a pair.

Why Choose Pinnacle Customs?

The professionals here at Pinnacle Customs have been tinting windows for years and have a wide range of experience. Our tinting jobs are incredibly high-quality and guarantee flawless installation and a lasting product. Choose from a wide variety of colours and shades to find the look that suits your car, and get out on the road today with our fast tinting service. Our car window tint Melbourne is strong, and designed to do more than just look great. Applied correctly, window tint can reduce glare and heat, protect against UV rays and even increase the safety of your glass, preventing it from shattering in the case of an accident. Using specialised tools, our experts can ensure you get a long-lasting product that won’t bubbles or peel.

We also offer a range of other car customisation services like vinyl wrap, printing and custom stickers.

Call Pinnacle Customs For Car Window Tinting in Melbourne

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